SiliSink kitchen sink edge protector logo

Protect your stone with silicone!

SiliSink kitchen sink edge protector logo

Protect your stone with silicone!


Save your stone

When you're washing pots and pans, it's very easy to hit the edge of your stone countertop at the front of the sink. The flexible and durable silicone of the SiliSink is the perfect kitchen sink edge guard to protect the stone counter from chips and scratches caused by pots and pans, as well as from thermal shock if you place cookware on it while still hot.

Hide your sponge

Most sponge holders are either mounted with suction cups (that fall off) or they sit on the counter and collect nasty, slimy water (ew), not to mention slopping soapy water on the countertop. The SiliSink Sink Saddle Caddy gives you a convenient place to store a scrubby sponge out of sight, that drains directly into the sink, and it's right next to where you use it.

Save your back

Even if you're a normal height person, you probably have to bend over to scrub pots and pans in the bottom of the sink. Cleaning up after a big meal can result in an aching back. The SiliSink edge protector allows you to wash pots and pans at countertop height, and the raised side and back dams direct soapy water back into the sink instead of down the face of your cabinets and onto the floor!

Contain water

Have you ever stepped away from the sink and found a big wet mark across the front of your shirt or pants? The SiliSink sink edge splash guard solves that problem too... unless the wetness didn't come from the sink. We can't help you with that one.

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